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7.12.03 Lately I've been having a few problems with my hosting companies. I moved to a new hosting company at Hopefully the hosting problems are gone now and everyone can experience 24/7.

11.9.03 Wow, 2 posts within a month! What are the odds. Anyways, since last post I've put up two more domains. First is my personal blog at Go visit it and read up on my boring life. I also registered which is just a family website that should allow anyone interested in finding fellow margulieuxs to contact us. Also, Heather created her own website at It's her first website and I have to say, it's pretty nice so far. It's even better considering how she's never used HTML before.

26.8.03 Let's see, what's news to post. First off, I had a blast on my cruise to the Caribbean. I'll have pictures up shortly. Secondly, I have a new blog up and running at So you should all go and check that out if you're interested. Lastly, there have been some big advances in getting linux fully working on my laptop. Check this out! I now have 3D working with 2.6.0-test4-mm1. Joy! Everything else seems to work (I don't have anything irDA to test). School officially starts in 1 month.

24.6.03 ah, finally. my junior year at UCI is over. let's see what's happened in the past month or so for me. i went to many mighty ducks' playoff games and i even took a bunch of pictures and some video footage from game 6 of the stanley cup finals. yes, that's right, i was at GAME 6! anyways, expect those pictures up soon. i just got back from a camping trip with heather and her family up into kings canyon. much fun and very relaxing. let's see... i took some finals for school which didn't go so well. but at least i'm done with school for another few months. so for the time being, i'm back at work (L3 Comm.) working 40hrs a week. and for the near future, i'll be going on a 7 day cruise in the caribbean with heather and my family onboard the navigator of the seas. the vacation starts august 8th, and we set sail august 9th. expect many pictures from that trip. lastly, i'm going to put up this quarter's projects and homeworks. this includes some journals and an essay i wrote for ics 131 - social aspects of computing, and some projects i wrote in ics 145b - operating systems. expect to see those up soon! adios.

1.4.03 also, i added some of last quarter's materials and homeworks that i wrote. ics 171 - artificial intelligence, and ics 156 - advanced networks. check it out here.

1.4.03 posted two new sets of pictures. first off we have the pictures from the latest lan party at logikal's house. some decent pics in there, see here for details. also, older pictures from our crew trip down to san diego. not too many of those, but they turned out pretty decent. they are here. as always, you can go here for all of my pictures. i should get some more pictures from my dad soon (from 2 crew races), so hold on for those.

31.3.03 new screenshot. waimea+medal of honor:aa (wine)+gaim+xawtv

31.3.03 Here's my latest schedule for my Spring 2003 quarter at UCI. Notice I have to drop one class, probably ICS 145B.

36260 I&C SCI 131 LEC A 4.0 GR M W F 09:00 09:50 SSL 140 MARK, G.
36263 I&C SCI 131 DIS 3 0.0 GR F 10:00 10:50 ICF 102 MARK, G.
36325 I&C SCI 145B LEC A 4.0 GR T T 12:30 01:50 CS 174 BIC, L.
36326 I&C SCI 145B DIS 1 0.0 GR F 03:00 03:50 ET 202 BIC, L.
36330 I&C SCI 148 LEC A 4.0 GR T T 02:00 03:20 CS 180 LEE, H.J.
36390 I&C SCI 161 LEC A 4.0 GR T T 03:30 04:50 IERF 101 DILLENCOURT, M.
36392 I&C SCI 161 DIS 2 0.0 GR M W 04:00 04:50 CS 180 DILLENCOURT, M.
44717 MATH 171B LEC A 4.0 GR M W F 11:00 11:50 SSL 228 DE BONIS, M.
44719 MATH 171B DIS 11 0.0 GR T T 10:00 10:50 RH 114 BOUTCHAKTCHIEV, V.
Total units:20.0

19.3.03 New experimental radeon driver for the ATI IGP 320M/340M. It doesn't APPEAR to run all that smoother/faster, but I havn't tested it extensively yet...Keep up the good work linux developers!

10.2.03 I put up some new rowing pictures. This time, I added a lot of pictures from 3 different practices. The links are here, here, and here. I also found my french final essay. It's in the essays section.

26.1.03 I updated my howto install linux on an HP Pavillion ZE4100 page. It's here

25.1.03 i added my french essay (if i can find the second one i'll put that up too) from my horrible french 2A days at IVC. God i'm glad that's over with.

21.1.03 i changed my mind, the stats page is up again. go figure.

21.1.03 new forum is up!. go say something. also, the old stats page is down for now, until I can fix the link. also, i'm in the process of uploading some of my ICS 52 and ICS 121 papers/projects. Mostly boring software engineering stuff, just going up for archival purposes. Later.

8.1.03 well, this sucks. that almighty uptime that i once had is now gone. and since my uptime is gone now, i have no reason to keep kovie at my parents house. this also means that i have to find another company to host the mighty thankfully, thanks to Mike at, he offered to host for free. so is back up and running, on a MUCH faster connection. woo!

4.1.03 oh, i forgot to add. paintball tommorrow! woo! thanks to groupie for letting me borrow his autococker. SC Village.

4.1.03 well, another great lanparty has finally come and passed. lots of fun last night at my house in my garage. i believe somewhere around 20+ people actually showed up, which is a good turnout. i got some pictures up ALREADY (yes stock, already). it's a shame that they're kinda blurry and there's not that many of them. i guess i'm losing my knack of taking pictures. shrug. sorry if you don't like them. click here. enjoy

2.1.03 As I've just started playing with my new laptop, an HP ZE4100, I've had some trouble installing gentoo linux on it. I've made a guide with my progress and any links that may be of interest. Click here.

6.12.02 just added a new computer section to the website. all of my computers, and the computers i've built for my family is listed, along with parts and links. i intend to update the page with my new laptop as soon as it arrives. joy.

4.12.02 i just found some old screenshots of mine, that some people may find interesting. i'll post a new screenshot of my new laptop once it gets here. woot.

screenshot 1  screenshot 2

3.12.02 whew, massive update to the essays section. I've put up pretty much every essay i've written while at UCI. they all suck and are not worth reading. i've just put them up for historical purposes. next up...programs i've written.

3.12.02 for those who care, here is my winter '03 schedule at UCI:

05005 BIO SCI 1B LEC A 4.0 GR M W F 02:00 02:50 BSLH 100A WARRIOR, R.
05012 BIO SCI 9A LEC A 4.0 GR W 05:00 07:50P HH 178 RAMSEY, P.
36380 I&C SCI 156 LEC A 4.0 GR M 03:00 05:50 CS 180 ELDEFRAWY, M.
36381 I&C SCI 156 LAB 1 0.0 GR F 03:00 04:20 CS 180 ELDEFRAWY, M.
36410 I&C SCI 171 LEC A 4.0 GR M W F 10:00 10:50 SSH 100 FROST, D.
36411 I&C SCI 171 DIS 1 0.0 GR M 06:00 06:50P ICF 103 FROST, D.
Total units:16.0

3.12.02 i've just added a new feature to it's mainly used only by me when i'm not at a computer with a newsreader. click on this to view some of the newsgroups that i read for UCI.

3.12.02 apparently, some people find it funny that i havn't posted to my website in over a year. but let me assure you.... that was not a fluke, i'm just that lazy. i'm going to try to fix up my code when finals are over, and add all my latest essays and programs. should be exhilerating.

3.12.02 i've just added a feature to, so it's very easy for me to add anything to the main page. It's a shame i'm still lazy and it wont get updated too much. *shrug*

11.12.01 for those of you who are looking for the crew pictures, click on the albums link to the left, or if you're lazy just click here

09.22.01 i found some ebooks that are of some interest. they are books written by clive cussler. download them here

08.22.01 well my plan of putting up my current work has gone awry. all the work i did in my first year at uci was lost due to some corrupt disks. i managed to save two classes of work, that being ICS 22, and Writing 39C. I really wanted to save my ICS 51 programs so when my friends needed them for their turn, they would have them. Sorry.

08.21.01 not much has happened lately. i started a job at my dad's company, and that lasted all of one month. oh well. i'm moving into my apartment on friday, and we have a lanparty to celebrate it. oh joy! regarding this site, i finally got off my ass and added 'some' content. in the essays page, i added some essays from writing 39c, and in the programs page, i added my programs from ics 22. if i can find my essays from writing 39b, or my programs from ics 23, i'll add those. peace out.

07.08.01 since the last update, i've added a few cool things here at one, that i'm most proud of, is the php scripts to automate my image database. it's really neato, like all i have to do is upload the .jpg's, run mkGallery, and it shows up, thumbnailed and commented for your pleasure. it makes my like 10000000 times easier. anyways, the link to that is here.

06.25.01 ok, i've actually made an update. how rare is that? anyways. thanks to dram for hosting this site off his DSL. we had a few hiccups as the computer i sent over to host this page wasn't liking his DSL. looks like i did some wacky things to my config files when it was at uci. anyhow, i got it all up and running, and the DNS finally resolves. no more port 8000 and shit like that. is up, as is if you want space or an email address, click here.

News Story
well for all of you who dont know, this is the reason this site is up, is basically because i own the domain and i wanted to put up a page. now dont go getting your hopes up, it's not gonna be updated as often as that pimp of a page, we all know THAT page must have been made by a master webmaster. anyways, i'll just put up pics of my dog, programs i've written, shit like that.

Sites up
ok, looks like is up and running. welcome to all of those who dont know me. the reason it's on port 8000 is because UCI is gay and blocks outgoing port 80 (or incoming if you think of it like that). anyways, sorry for the inconvenience. just deal with it.

As pages are rebuilt, the column to the left will include new material.

05.03.01 yes, dont worry, i'm still alive. lots of things have happened since i've last updated. well, let's just start from the beginning. i busted a move on staples and pens'd them out of about $500. let's just say i took advantage of their generous price matching policy. out of this deal, i got a PIMP new digital camera. it's a kodak dc4800 with 3.3 megapixel and 3x optical zoom. very nice. i'll finish the penguin adventures with this new camera. more to come later.