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Hey, my name is Kevin, but all my friends call me pens. Why pens? This is why. Plus, penguins in general are really cool. If you dont believe me, watch this. I'm pretty much just your average computer geek. I was the president of our computer club at my high school, and attend many LAN parties as often as I can. I'm also part of the #teamslack network. Werd up to my homies in #teamslack. I also whipped up teamslack.net in my spare time. Currently I'm a junior at UCI, majoring in ICS. So other than that, I'm just chillin in my apartment, downloading punk mp3s while admining some networks. As for my love life, I am currently the love-slave of the raddest girlfriend in the world. Her name is Heather, and unlike most girls, she plays computer games and is also an ICS major at UCI. Those two things, added to her overall coolness, make her the perfect girlfriend for me. On a related side note, geek girlfriends are awesome because they understand another geek's attaction to the computer and dont get in the way as much as a non-geeky girlfriend would. Heather owns!

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