My dog is the coolest dog in the world. His name is buddy and he is an English Springer Spaniel. Bud came from a litter of eight born from our last dog, Katie. On March 15, Buddy was born. Now Bud isn't your normal pimp dog, he is a special dog. No other dog can possible match his laziness (a trait that is very important in a dog of mine), and his loveableness.

Now everybody who's seen Buddy knows what I'm talking about. He's the ultimate LAN party dog. Just shows up every few hours to pick up some pizza scraps, and for the most part leaves us alone. He can be playful, and at the same time lazy. I actually like to think of it not as being "lazy", but he's "staking his claim". We've had Bud now for at least six or seven years, possibly more.

Last month, we got quite a scare with Buddy. He developed some sort of infection in his left ear which eventually turned his ear all nasty and it dripped all night long. Well after SEVERAL trips to the vet and several different treatments, his infection went away. A week later, the infection returned, this time it was worse. Eventually everything got better, but it really sucked because I was away at college, so I could only get updates to his condition over the phone.

I love my dog, and I hope that when I get older, I can have a dog as cool as Buddy is. Here is a picture of Buddy in one of his "sleeping" poses.

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