This is where I am going to put the essays that I write for school. I honestly think my writing is very suckiful, but it was enough to pass my college writing classes, so it can't be THAT bad. I'll try to put them all in both .HTML and .DOC for your easy reading pleasure. Comments should goto

French 2A - Winter 2002
Essay 1 HTML .doc Analysis of Les Miserables
Final Essay HTML .doc Analysis of La Belle et La Bete

Writing 39C - Spring 2001
Cryptology And The Government HTML .doc Part 1 of Writing 39C - Position
"no title" HTML .doc Part 2 of Writing 39C - Counter Arguement
Why Do We Block Crypto? HTML .doc Part 3 of Writing 39C - Causal
Technology and Software Controls HTML .doc Part 4 of Writing 39C - Proposal

Anthropology 2A - Fall 2001
"no title" HTML .doc Essay #1
Culture Shock HTML .doc Essay #2

History 40A - Fall 2002
Arthur Mervyn HTML .doc Some stupid 1 page summary of a random lecturer that came to our history class and gave a random lecture.
"no title" HTML .doc Analysis of the trading interaction between England and the Native Americans during 1650-1750.
"no title" HTML .doc No summary yet.

History 40B - Winter 2002
Nat Turner HTML .doc Analysis of the Nat Turner rebellion.

History 40C - Spring 2002
Bread Givers HTML .doc Analysis of Anzia Yezierska's book Bread Givers
Growing Up HTML .doc Analysis of Russell Baker's book Growing Up
Malcolm X HTML .doc Analysis of The Autobiography of Malcolm X

ICS 131 - Spring 2003
Electronic Voting HTML .doc Analysis and suggestions for a future electronic voting system
Notebook 1 HTML .doc Notebook for weeks 1-3
Notebook 2 HTML .doc Notebook for weeks 4-6
Notebook 3 HTML .doc Notebook for weeks 7-10

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